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News articles from publishers draw traffic from a variety of channels, most notably Google web search and Google Discover. Your news site should be updated with multiple new articles on a daily basis. The mistrusted sites that were let onto Google News and then de-ranked were the rare bubble cases, however. Last year, Google News got a dark mode just like most other Google apps on the Play Store. The feature emerged as a result from Microsoft research that found out about 60% of the people consume news by only reading headlines, rather than read the articles.

When you open the Google News app, the first five stories in your briefing will be custom tailored to your personal tastes and interests. To audit Top Stories, we scraped Google results for more than 200 queries related to news events in November, 2017. Google News Sitemaps provide the search engine Google with metadata regarding the specific news content on a website.

One of the leading go-to sites for celebrity news, Perez Hilton has, since 2004, been delivering juicy Hollywood gossip going on to become the internet’s most notorious gossip columnist. The hottest source of celebrity gossip, ContentCeleb serves the latest entertainment news, fashion trends, movie updates and all the fresh happenings doing the rounds of the world in the arena of starry showbiz.

Miss Filmy claims to be India’s leading bollywood news portal that features all the latest bollywood news and updates, juicy celebrity gossip, movie trailers and release, their reviews and ratings to keep you forever updated on the entertainment segment. Google News is reserved for news-specific stories, not just general search results. You can use News Publisher to suggest your website for Google News, however, Producer helps in publishing articles and monetization of your content.

However, keep in mind that no amount of search engine
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optimization (SEO) is going to get a website approved as a news source if it’s not truly a news source. Business Insider spoke to a handful of former members of the Google News team to get a better understanding of how today’s information gatekeepers decide which news the public sees. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and shortlisted applicants are interviewed by the Google News Initiative.all news live

The nouveau Google News is able to make these determinations from day one, but will improve over time. Ensure that your content passes basic grammar checks before submitting to Google News. Google News is used by hundreds of millions of users across the world. This includes structured data markup for your articles, and a means of letting Google know you have new articles (usually through a news-specific XML sitemap).

Niche websites are more welcomed in Google News than portals which cover a wide range of topics. Stick to it. That’s the only way to stand out from the crowd and get your news-related articles added to Google News. The former Google News staffers described a system that seeks to be both fair and opaque at the same time, providing an easy-to-understand benchmark for what content is acceptable while limiting the ability of fake-news purveyors or spammers to game the system.

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