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Having difficulties in finding a good CV writer in UAE? – Writing an interview-winning CV or resume is at the heart of any successful job-hunting campaign. Its job is to convince the reader (ie: the recruiter) that you can do the job. Your CV is your career marketing and communications tool, and its aim is to grab the attention of a prospective employer so that you get invited to interview for the position. Before you start your search for the perfect job, it is absolutely critical that you get the presentation of your credentials in its best possible format. We Find Jobs has all the expertise to increase your chances of having your resume noticed in a very crowded and highly competitive market, you need a resume that will rise above the rest. Resumes today are not just a dry, chronological history of your employment to date, or a laundry list of what you do in your day-to-day job � they are career marketing documents that should position you as the perfect candidate for the roles you apply for. Through our questioning, we aim to get to the essence of what you have that sets you apart from other candidates and what your personal brand is. In order to do this, we need to delve into what value YOU bring to a potential employer that other candidates won�t. We do this by presenting proof of your achievements. Your CV needs to make it through the candidate management software and applicant tracking systems so that it doesn�t get discarded in the screening process by a computer, before it�s even read by a real person.

Your CV should include a clear and concise career summary, and make a statement about your personal brand. When it comes to objective statements, we suggest not including one. For starters, they went out with the �90s. The other reason being that an objective amounts to nothing more than an �I want� statement. And the bottom-line is that an employer doesn�t really care what you want. What they DO care about is their bottom-line needs, and your resume needs to address how perfect you are for those needs. Your message needs to be clear: �Dear Employer: You�re looking for a [imagine your next job title here], and I�m the best there is. Here�s my record to prove it.� The majority of r�sum�s tend to be overviews of responsibilities and skills. Even when top line summaries are included they rarely do anything but point out that you have the same skills required of all candidates for the targeted position. Therefore it is critical to sell your value to the company, not just your experience. You must rapidly make it clear why they should consider you over the other similarly qualified candidates. So how does CV Saviour get around this? By focusing on outcomes, results, achievements and successes. We Find Jobs write r�sum�s to focus more on achievements and successes and outcomes over responsibilities, and make your successes quantifiable, and qualifiable with weighty facts and figures, so an employer can quickly ascertain your suitability for a position. Wherever possible, we develop an achievements section on the front page of your document, and elaborate on these achievements. Achievements are just what recruiters need to see so they can get a quick understanding of your experience, strengths and areas of expertise. When it comes to achievements though, what recruiters are really looking for is results, and evidence or proof of those results.

Best CV / Resume writing Services in Dubai, UAE – Most people are great at stating their responsibilities and how they do their jobs, but don�t include the detail of what the outcome meant to the employer or the business as a whole. Employers recruit people who can get results. And the best indicator of what you can do for your next employer is to provide evidence in your r�sum� of what results you have given your previous employers. It�s this detail that really interests employers. Evidence-based resumes get results. This means that if you state you have �great communication skills�, a recruiter expects to see evidence of this. Include an example � give the reader the evidence in your document, of where you proved your great communication skills, and what the result of this was. This doesn�t mean just writing the headline �achievements� and listing what you did underneath it!.

Best CV writing in UAE – There are many elements that you need to consider when crafting the perfect resume. Whether you are setting out in your job search to write your very first resume or you�ve decided to re-write an existing CV, you may have many questions such as, �How to write resumes?�, �How long should a CV be?� and �What information should I include?� You also have to consider how to tailor your resume and lay it out, as well as consider what format it should take, be it a digital resume or a more traditional form. We Find Jobs has the right team with over a decade of experience in UAE to craft you the perfect CV to win interviews.

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